My Dad has been cutting his own hair for years. He saves money, and since he got good at it after a few months, his hair looks great.

Minimalists aren’t the only ones who like saving money (my Dad isn’t a minimalist), and his example convinced me that it was worth a try.

So, I’ve cut my own hair three or four times in the last year. The first few times I followed his example and did it slowly and carefully, and it looked about as good as a $20 haircut, and with travel time it even took quicker. Score.

Then I got daring. I wanted to do it as quickly as possible – looking up at my hair in a mirror for twenty minutes hurts my eyes. So I started hacking clumps of hair off. I cut my hair pretty short, leaving around an inch. Unfortunately, speed comes with negative side effects. My haircut wasn’t totally even. My Mother was distraught. I didn’t care. I’m not self-conscious about what my hair looks like. How does nice hair improve my quality of life in any way? And after a few weeks it looked totally fine.

Most recently, I decided to go for a crew cut. I cut off as much hair as I possibly could with a lone pair of scissors. Again, I saved a nice bit of money, and it took a lot quicker. It was uneven, and a few people suggested I use a hair clipper to even it out. I really didn’t mind, but after getting a friend to help me neaten it up, I was very pleased.

I really enjoy super short hair. I doubt I will ever go back. It is more pragmatic, and it just feels good. And looks good, which is a bonus that I won’t refuse, though don’t need.

I will probably end up buying some hair clippers. After using them once or twice I will have made up the money it would have cost to go to a hairdresser. I doubt I will ever go to a hairdresser again.

Cutting my own hair is a very easy way to save money. It gives me confidence and control and Minimalist joy.

And to female readers who insist on having long hair: don’t despair!

1) You could pretty easily learn how to cut long hair. Not as easily as short hair, but it’s possible. You would save a lot of money and be more fulfilled.
2) I have seen many women with short hair, and never once has it looked bad or even worse in comparison to long hair. Consider changing your hairstyle. You may like it.
3) You could also just get your hair cut very infrequently, letting it grow out very long, and trimming it yourself for little corrections.

So, cut your own hair, enjoy being more in touch with your body and save money in the process!


One thought on “Haircuts

  1. I think this is a great piece of advice. I need a haircut every month (with a buzzer) and it would cost me roughly $30 each time where I live. Thats $360 a year, money easily saved by cutting it myself. It was a bit hard to do in the start to get it even, but now it’s easy and done in 10min.

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