Small House

Before asking why to have a small house, a smaller house, or even why we have big houses, let’s ask why we have houses at all.

That’s a thought. The easy answer is cold, rain, and burning heat. I’m struggling to think of many other really good reasons, though. Humans went from being nomadic and living in tents to living in houses because bad weather is just no fun, among other reasons.

So, why don’t we have tiny little houses that we only go in when it starts raining? Well…

We have all of our stuff that we need to house, of course! We buy things and then make space for them, we buy big houses and compulsively fill them with things. This cycle drives the size of houses far beyond their original intent. Our houses are mainly massive thing-containers, rather than people-homes.

To make it simple, I will simply list the benefits of smaller houses:

1) Cheaper to buy and maintain.
2) Easier and quicker to clean.
3) More cozy and homey.
4) With less space, less unneeded things will be bought.
5) All things have to be chosen carefully, ergo they will all be your favorite things, not things you feel like you have to keep or have to use because you have them.
6) Your heart will be less tied to material possessions, and have more space to love people and enjoy your absolute favorite things that you chose to fill the smaller space with.

Less is less, don’t let anyone swindle and equivocate you, but less doesn’t have to be more to be more important, more fulfilling, more financially viable, and simply more fun!


Further reading:

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