Medication in America is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Think about that for a moment. If no one in America needed medication tomorrow, the economy could feasibly collapse. That’s weird.

Medication isn’t objectively bad, since it’s definitely good to help people if they are sick or hurt. But one of the worst social norms in America – convenience – has given the medication industry the chance to grow corrupt.

People started using medication as first rather than last option. Instead of exercising more, eating healthily, solving social problems socially, solving mental problems mentally, solving emotional problems emotionally – we have started solving all problems chemically.

How messed up is that logic? Here are some examples to emphasize our messed up social norms and ways of thinking:

“I really should exercise to get fit, since I want to run that 5k. Hmm, maybe I’ll just take some medication instead.”

or “I’m having communication problems with my children, I hope the doctor has some medication to help me with that.”

These may seem silly, but we think exactly the same way when we look to medication before the more natural solutions.

Unless your problem is fundamentally chemical, why would you expect chemicals to solve it?

Because of marketing. Because American capitalism gives people the ability to sell you whatever they can convince you to buy.

Don’t trust people you have to pay. They don’t know if you need it. Everyone is trying to sell you everything. Media is constantly trying to brainwash you into thinking you need things that you don’t. YOU need to be the one to stand up for yourself. Solve your problems naturally. If the root is physical, solve it by getting more exercise or sleep. If it is emotional, work on your relationships. If it is mental, change your thought patterns. Also, your mental problems can have physical results, and the inverse is also true. So maybe getting some exercise will refresh your body and allow you to sort out your emotions better.

Simply, take control of your life. Don’t let anyone convince  you that you need something that you don’t. Surgery is good. Physical therapy is good. Medication is SOMETIMES good. But usually you don’t need it. Usually it is just re-branded generics that they want you to pay a lot of money for. They have no reason NOT to convince you that you have five disorders and three chronic illnesses.

Don’t believe them. Get in touch with your body. Live healthily. Get rid of stress and get enough sleep and exercise and eat wholesome food. Once you know your body, you will know if you need chemicals. Usually you don’t. Humans survived for thousands of years without them, and were totally fine.

Now, cures for diseases and surgery DID prolong human life a lot. Yes. And those are really really good. But all of these medications for mental disorders and deficiencies and behavioral problems were never missed.

It’s statistically impossible that suddenly more and more people are messed up, conveniently at exactly the same time as they are developing medication for our problems. We’re being misdiagnosed.

Please don’t stop taking medication that you REALLY NEED. But I’m pretty sure there are a few medications that you don’t really need.

Save some money. Solve your problems by yourself, naturally. It will work better, and won’t have ANY NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS.

That sounds a lot better to me than a list of 100 potential (and very likely)  side problems.

End rant. 😀

Further reading:

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