How often do you check your phone to see the time? Your watch? A nearby clock?

In most situations, there are at least two or three different ways to check the time in under ten seconds.

No problems so far, right?

Well, depending on how often you check the time – clocks could be totally harmless inanimate objects, or they could be fiendish thieves constantly gibbering in your ears and stealing your peace of mind.

Unfortunately, problems aren’t always easy to solve. In today’s society, punctuality is very important. It would be infeasible to totally stop using clocks and time-keepers. As if that would be possible, anyway, since they are built into almost every gadget.

Here are a few guidelines to optimally using clocks and watches, digital and analogue:

1) Figure out exactly during which time-periods you need to know the time, and which you don’t. When you don’t need to know the time, DON’T look!
2) Set up safety nets so that you aren’t late for things, like setting alarms and asking people to notify you.
3) Figure out how often you need to check the time, and DON’T check it more often then you need to!

You will get better at judging how long has passed, and will spend less time worrying about what the time is and will be able to spend more time simply enjoying the time you have. You will feel less rushed.


I know I just said to use alarms in some cases. Ironically, NOT using them can also be good.

I have stopped using an alarm clock to wake me up from sleep. And since I get enough sleep, I have not been late once. My body tells me when it has slept enough, and then it tells me to wake up. There is no grogginess on waking up, since I never wake up during REM sleep or deep sleep.

I feel more in control, less reliant on technology. And in a world where reliance is becoming the norm, any form of legitimate self-empowerment is really good.

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