I do not own a microwave, or eat microwaved food.

Now, this isn’t out of spite or to “just be different”. My reasons are simple and purposeful.

First: our society runs lockstep on convenience. I will usually do anything that I find easy to do that makes me less dependent on convenience. Even though convenience isn’t objectively bad, and even though I would never ever want to give up some convenient things (electricity, hot water, quick access to literature), I have far more convenience than is actually beneficial. I find not using microwaves an easy thing to give up, one more easy victory over convenience.

Second: I truly enjoy cooking. I think it has objective value in a mystical way. Cooking is alchemy of the home. A slowly cooked meal among a family builds relationships. Eating is one of the most primal of human activities. Many ancient cultures, if not all, ritualized eating and cooking. There is something magical about it. Cooking is fun, it is worth doing slowly with friends and family. It is WORTH THE TIME. We don’t always need to be rushing.

Third: though debated and inconclusive, microwaves potentially destroy more nutrients in fresh foods than other forms of cooking (such as ovens and steamers, etc). Also, microwaves could potentially damage/distort foods on the atomic level, creating toxins and such by rapidly beaming high powered waves into the food.

Four: My standard argument from naturalism applies. Though few people use direct flames to heat food, the electrically heated metal elements in an oven are still much more natural than beaming high-energy waves into food.

These arguments are mutually exclusive, and though none of them may be empirically convincing alone, the force of them combined suggests a healthier, more natural way to be human.


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