I am immune. I am immune to germs. I am immune to sickness. I am immune to headaches.

Now, of course I am not 100% immune, but I am really really REALLY close. Why?

Because I am living more and more how humans are designed to live, are optimized to live.

I have not got sick in any way more than once or twice in the last two to three years. The same with headaches. Is it magic? Am I an anomaly? Nope.

I am a vegan. I build up my immune system with all the nutrients my body needs. I don’t clog my system with gunk and junk. There must be other things that affect my immune system. Maybe my regular sleep schedule of 9 hours each night helps. I would assume it does. Maybe my life decisions (minimalism, fewer priorities, less busyness) that minimize stress help. I’m sure they do.

I take no medication at the moment. No pills, no supplements, no vitamins. My body is perfectly optimized to survive. I don’t need artificial, inefficient, expensive replacements for what my body does naturally, full time, and better. Whatever you believe, whether you were perfectly designed by God, or have been evolving for millions of years – your body should EASILY be able to thrive in its environment.

Sickness, headaches, etc are all symptoms of messed up homeostasis. And that only happens when we humans do stupid things. Homeostasis is the norm. It is what our bodies are always moving towards. We have to do a lot to stay away from it. And we do. We fill our bodies with junk food, don’t get enough nutrients or sleep, and try to do too many things each day.

I don’t need to wash my hands, take medicine, get flu shots, or supplement with vitamins. I am a human, perfectly optimized to resilience, and I can become immune.

I am immune.


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