(Note: When I say ‘all’ or ‘everyone’ or things like that, I may very well mean all “females”. Keep this in mind. I’m not making blatantly false universal statements, that would be silly.)

This is related to my post on fashion. I will try not to repeat too much. Actually, nevermind, I will try to repeat as much as possible to emphasize how messed up “normal” is. So, let’s begin.

I don’t wear makeup, as a male, but if I were female I wouldn’t wear it. Not even a little. Ever.

But why? – you ask – makeup is ubiquitous. You would instantly stand out, wouldn’t you?

First, let me begin with a telling quote:

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” – Calvin Klein

Really? REALLY? WHAT!? If I was in the habit of using profanity, I would have gone fairly overboard right there. Just saying. This is ridiculous. What’s worse, it is probably the tacit understanding of most people in our society. Makeup is normal. Makeup is natural. We NEED to be normal. We NEED makeup. A simple syllogism from hell.

By definition makeup is the opposite of natural. It’s literally impossible to argue with that without equivocating and contradicting oneself.

Who benefits the most from makeup? No, definitely NOT the women who use it. A few centuries ago, women were totally fine without makeup. It is merely a socially constructed standard. The ones who benefit are those who sell makeup. And guess what. They are the ones who hire the best marketing professionals who know how to manipulate our psychology to instill desires in us and convince us we are inferior and we need things. Yep.

What actual benefits can a woman get from makeup? Let’s think about this seriously. The most obvious motivation to use makeup is probably to “look nicer”. Another I guess could be to “fit in, or look like the ‘average’ person”. Or even more vague, “because that’s what you do”, “because it’s normal”. Now this last one is the worst possible reason to do something, to do anything. What about when slavery was normal? What about when sacrificing children to man-made gods was normal? Never, EVER do something if your main reason is “because it’s normal / because that is what most people do / because I won’t fit in if I don’t”.

So, are the other reasons good? Basically the only reason left that might be good is “to look nicer”. Well, nice is subjective. So first we have to decide if we want to support this ‘standard of beauty’ or not. By wearing makeup you are actually saying that you are in full agreement with the standard of beauty that it represents. By wearing makeup you are saying that natural beauty isn’t good enough, that young girls don’t look good enough without makeup, that you want a society where everyone is forced by overwhelming social pressure to consistently spend money and time altering their appearances just to fit an arbitrary standard of beauty.

Do you really agree to that? You can’t wear makeup and disagree. If you are male, you can’t want women to wear makeup and disagree. You can’t have it both ways. By wearing makeup you are saying that you prefer this arbitrary standard of beauty that costs MASSIVE amounts of time and money more the alternative (natural beauty – which is probably less arbitrary). You are saying that you are totally fine with marketing professionals indoctrinating your children into believing that they aren’t good enough, that they need to spend money and time to look normal.

Why is it okay for men not to wear makeup? Why can men look good/handsome/great/whatever without makeup while women have to constantly be spending time and money on makeup to look the equivalent? Are men just naturally more good looking than women? I doubt any of you would agree to this. Should men start wearing makeup like women? I doubt you agree to this as well. The only option left is to tear down our ridiculous standard that expects women to do ridiculous things to their bodies and have ridiculous conceptions about themselves and their worth and beauty.

If you are female, please stop wearing makeup. Never buy it or wear it again. Ever. Ever. By constantly spending money and time on makeup, you are constantly conditioning yourself to believe that you don’t look beautiful (enough), that nature isn’t natural, that men are more beautiful than women or that women arbitrarily need to do more than men. Not only are you wasting time and money, you are polluting healthy body-images of yourself and those around you.

If you are male, share this with all of your close female friends and relatives (I doubt telling this to strangers would be convincing ^_^). Don’t let those you care for waste time and money on trying to be more beautiful. I’m sure you agree that they are beautiful enough, almost certainly more so, without makeup (the only case where this is false is where we have so thoroughly conditioned ourselves to a false normal). Don’t let them have unhealthy views of themselves. They deserve better than that.

If you don’t have problems, you don’t need makeup. If you do have problems, makeup can’t solve them. Your money and your time can be MUCH better spent. You are beautiful. You don’t need to follow our messed up social standard like a slave. If someone asks why you don’t wear makeup, tell them that you aren’t willing to daily spend money and time on an arbitrary and unhealthy standard of beauty that you disagree with.




3 thoughts on “Makeup

  1. Excellent post – it’s great to remind people they are naturally beautiful! I rarely (if ever) wear make up and am quite happy as I am 🙂

    • Thanks :D. There are obviously a few exceptions – mainly theatre and such – but for the most part it is just better to learn to be happy and content with natural beauty. Even if makeup isn’t innately EVIL or anything, there is almost always a better alternative 🙂

      Keep resisting those unhealthy norms 🙂

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