This post will build upon principles in my post on owning a small(er) house.

If you have less space, you need less things – especially furniture.

There are many cheap and fun ways to personalize a home, and make it look nice. I don’t care for what we can do, but what we should do. What is better. What is best. Obviously you can have lots of furniture, because you use it a lot or because it looks nice or just because. But there is a better way.

As I said, I think there cheaper but equally personal and good ways to make a home look good than with excessive furniture. And here I will define excessive as more than you use often.

If you don’t use a chair, or a table, or a desk, etc at least a few times each week, then you don’t have any very good reason to keep it.

Also, if you use two pieces of furniture for the same function, it would be better to only have and use one of them (unless more than one person uses them simultaneously). Usually it isn’t a problem to move a piece of furniture to from one nearby room to another if it is a small table or chair or something. We don’t really need two dining room tables and chairs for three times as many people as we usually have in the house. It is wasted money and space, and a more subtle thing like cleaning time.

My plan is to use floor cushions instead of chairs/couches in any lounge area. I don’t plan to have a TV, so it is completely pointless to follow the traditional couch setup that revolves around a TV. Better to have portable cushions so it is easy and comfortable to face someone when talking to them.

For dining room / kitchen eating area I think it would be really neat to copy the traditional Japanese kneeling tables that are low to the ground. (Also using the floor cushions here). Or maybe have a normal table and a set of chairs, but only one or two extras at the most. That is why a low table would be great. Extra floor cushions work so much better than extra chairs, and you can always go without a cushion – unlike a chair.

Speaking of going without chairs, we should stand more. Less furniture might encourage standing more, which is always good.

This is the standard mindset of owning only what you need and use regularly, and thus enjoying and appreciating what you have much more.


2 thoughts on “Furniture

  1. Nice blog! I just picked up a little table that my neighbor was throwing out when moving. It’s hard for me to resist free stuff but you got me thinking if I really need it or use it. Thanks!

    • Thanks! Resisting free things is definitely hard, but it helps to realize that nothing is truly free – things always costs space, time, energy, and upkeep. If you want to use the table, and end up using it, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it and getting rid of other furniture. That’s the fun part – you get to pick and choose the most efficient and enjoyable setup 🙂

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