Physically, humans are one among millions of species of animals. If you believe there is anything special about humans (I do), then it is because our minds/brains are more advanced, or because we have some sort of soul/spirit that can outlive the body. But genetically, we are animals. That isn’t bad. Animals are amazing, and humans especially 😀

Now, how many of the millions of animals species cover up their natural odor out of preference? This excludes those that do it for hunting purposes, obviously. None. Animals live in groups and are totally fine with their natural odor.

Oh, wait, I forgot. There is ONE animal that does. Kinda weird, it must be a really messed up species, right? It must be some in-between missing link, that only exists in one tiny island that no one has heard of.

Nope! It’s us. The humans. The most advanced species of all. Who would have thought?

Statistically, it is impossible that WE would be the one species with objectively repulsive body odor, out of millions. It simply cannot be that. There has to be some other reason why we are the only species in the world to detest our natural smell.

It might have something to do with the artificial odors we consistently cover ourselves in. Just a guess. All the unhealthy and unnatural food we eat might also affect it. If you never smell something, how could you possibly become adjusted to it? In a society where EVERYONE wears some form of deodorant, almost all of the time, it is no surprise that we don’t like the natural human smell. It’s completely ALIEN to us. How ironic. We are more used to the natural smell of dogs and cats than of humans.

Most people I have talked to insist that I MUST wear deodorant to be tolerant of others preference of smell. Do you want to force me to dress a certain way so my clothes are more appealing to your eyes? Must I wear exotic textures to appeal to your sense of touch? Must I be ashamed of my natural human smell? I, a member of the most advanced species out of millions, must be forced to do something that literally NO OTHER species on the planet is forced to do?

Is my natural body, sweat and odor objectively evil? Bad? Wrong? Distasteful? Is it a crime to be human? Is it an offense to be human? Is it repulsive to be human? Must I cover up my humanness with artificial odors?

How arbitrary. How intolerant. How human to hate what is human.

Am I exaggerating? Overreacting? Expressed and forceful distaste for natural human odor is on the spectrum of arbitrary intolerance, and excusing it by saying that it is the consensus or that it isn’t THAT intolerant cannot change that.


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