Assimilation happens. This is either good for you, or bad for you, depending on what you eat.

But since it has become harder and harder to eat all-natural, locally grown food, it has become harder to choose EXACTLY what you eat. Sure you have choices, but usually it goes like this: “I want bread. There are these brands available in shops in my area. I pick this one. It has x, y, and z chemical in it!? Umm, I don’t know what those are. Oh, well. It can’t be too bad. I mean, they are selling it, so someone must have checked. Right?” Nom nom nom.

There isn’t a perfect solution, because even if you decide to make your own bread, you still have a limited selection of ingredients, many of which may have been genetically modified or enriched. Hint hint, most wheat is messed up. Most corn is messed up. Most of most things are messed up in some small way.

So, all we can do is work from where we are. Here are my suggestions:

Grow as much as you possibly can. If you grow it yourself, it will be fresher, tastier, cheaper, healthier. Some things are probably messed up on the genetic level so even starting from the seeds may be too late. But there are choices, so pick the best you can. Herbs are a good start, I think. You don’t use them up that quickly, and they are significantly different from dried herbs.

Choose to eat healthy things. This is easy, obvious, and also really really hard – if you don’t commit. Once I committed fully to being vegan it became really easy. It is only as hard as the number of excuses you keep in your back pocket. Eat organic if you can afford it. If you can’t, I would argue that it might be worth changing your lifestyle and buying choices so that you can afford it. I could go into a long list of what is healthy and what isn’t, but there are thousands of sources of information about this everywhere.

Grow your own herbs, don’t buy prepackaged things if you can buy the ingredients and make it yourself. Cooking is fun. Being healthy is fun. Sometimes it saves you money, sometimes it costs more. It evens out, and is definitely worth paying extra for.

The two strongest food lifestyle choices I have come across are Vegan and Paleo. Here are some suggestions that are in line with both of them, and almost certainly true:

Sugar is bad. Immediately stop all sugar consumption. Raw honey and maple syrup are fine if you don’t eat them too often. All products that contain sugar should be avoided.

Grain is bad. Don’t cut it out without replacing it with something else – that is always a quick route to misery. Eat more vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat.

If you eat meat, it is really important (for health and for ethics) to not support factory farming. Rather eat Grass Fed/Finished, Pastured, Free Range, and Wild Caught. Lean, naturally fed meat is much healthier.

Soy is probably bad, if the Paleo crowd is right. Do your own research. Right now I love everything soy, but hearing that it is inflammatory and some of the other things, I am seriously considering dropping it. I can survive without it, I might as well test going without it and see how my body reacts.

Beans, legumes, etc are also potentially bad, according to the Paleo crowd. They are a lot better than grains, but it is important not to buy them in potential BPA containers and tins. Also, the laborious soaking and cooking is important to diminish unhealthy chemicals in them.

Eat more raw than cooked, more plants than animals.

Eat as natural, whole, organic, and local as possible. The labels don’t always tell the truth. Do some research, get the best you can. It is always worth the extra cost.


Assimilation happens. And you better hope that it is good for you. But you can do more than hope. You can eat.


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