Assuming you sleep about 8 hours each night, you will spend one-third of your life sleeping. If you sleep less than 8 hours each night, then you are most likely sleep deprived, and should sleep more. Don’t use an alarm, and see how long you sleep. Let your body tell you how much sleep you need.

Sleep is important. During sleep, your body does all kinds of super-awesome-complex-things to heal itself and so on.

But most of us need to relearn sleep. Not HOW to sleep, that is fairly simple. But rather what to sleep ON. If you have pets, watch how they sleep. Go look up some videos of other animals sleeping. What do you notice? It looks rather different from how we sleep, doesn’t it?

Even animal nests are nothing compared to our fluffy and thick mattresses. Most mammals that are similar in body structure to humans pretty much sleep on the ground. Whether it is grass, sand, leaves, dirt, it’s all the same. Flat, hard, ground. And that is what humans slept on until a few hundred years ago – not that long ago compared to the timeline of a whole species.

Sleeping on the floor, without a pillow, on your back, on a thin folded up blanket is a good indoor approximation of how humans would naturally sleep outside. If you sleep on your side, be sure to use pillows so that your head is parallel with the floor, and your neck isn’t crooked.

Why is it better? As with most of my arguments, the foundation goes like this: Because it’s natural. Trust God. Trust evolution. Trust whoever/whatever you think is responsible for our ridiculously complex DNA and physical makeup, advanced minds, and infinite creativity. If humans needed to develop the technology of soft, fluffy mattresses to have good sleep, surely we would have had serious problems for the thousands of years before we developed them. Surely we aren’t the ONE species out of millions to be unable to sleep normally out in nature, our natural habitat.

Side note: the optimal temperature for human sleep is around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you won’t take my word, or Nature’s word, then here are some lengthy and interesting articles.

Good night 🙂

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