Lies to Females

The current worldwide culture propagates many lies. There are thousands of lies, all tailored to manipulate different people. Many of the lies are in advertising, deceiving certain people that they need certain products. Many of the lies are about lifestyle, about worldview, about value systems.

Males and females are told different lies. In this post I will cover some of the most damaging ones.

But first I have to clear up some immediate concerns.
1) Yes, I am a 19 year old male.
2) No, that does not prevent me from accurately analyzing things that only (directly) affect females. By the way, these things obviously affect all males indirectly. And whether male or female, humans share a lot in common.
3) I would argue that precisely because I am male and because I haven’t been saturated in these lies since birth, I am better able to analyze and suggest solutions to them than females are. If you are female, please notify me of lies that have been told to me that I may have missed! I’m not being one sided, I truly want and expect you to do the same for me.
4) I have looked up articles and blogs online, and there are many females who share my position. I’m not trying to be mean or sexist. I just want to help people escape habits that society chose for them.
5) If I am more strongly against females blindly accepting social norms and lies, than females themselves, there is something very wrong.


So, onto the lies that females are taught to believe since birth. Can you guess what they are?

Number 1: Shaving!

Firstly, all preferences surrounding hair grooming and shaving are arbitrary and learned. If it was the norm for females to never, ever cut or shave any hair anywhere, no one would think twice about it. The standard of beauty would be different. But it’s not. And so females are socially required to spend more time and money shaving their legs and under their arms. This is stupid. Plain and simple. If I was a female, I would refuse to comply. Don’t believe me? Look at my other posts. I LOVE refusing social norms for my benefit at the cost of other’s social complacency.

Females started shaving under their arms when sleeveless blouses and dresses became popular. Females started shaving their legs when dresses and skirts started to become shorter and shorter. Even then, why the double standard for “beauty”? Their is absolutely nothing objectively ugly about hair – no matter where it is on your body. Also, your body obviously grows hair there for a reason. The ONLY valid reason to shave is discomfort. I refuse to include preference, since the unanimous social preference prevents you from truly knowing what your individual preference is. And your hair won’t grow indefinitely.

It is objectively true that if you let it grow and allow yourself to get accustomed to natural body hair on your legs and under your arms, it will become just as, if not more comfortable than without it.

Hair on your legs and under your arms allows sweat to evaporate a lot quicker, since it isn’t stuck to the surface of your skin, but can go along the hairs. Thus, you keep cooler in hot weather. And sweat sticking to your skin feels horrible. When it is cold, your hair keeps you warm. A brilliant, natural cooling system!

I trim my facial hair with a pair of scissors maybe once a week, and it takes about one minute. Maybe I shave with a razor once a month. I’m not against shaving. I’m against most people’s reasons for shaving. Why waste time and money on an arbitrary standard of beauty? Stop believing the lies, stop pretending you prefer it. Shaving for the sake of people who would think worse of you if you didn’t – that sounds like a horrible waste of energy.


Number 2: Makeup!

Read my post on makeup here.


Number 3: Bras!

This lie is deeply entrenched, and I assume most females wouldn’t take my word alone on this one. Look it up for yourself. Read what other women have to say, read why they prefer never wearing a bra.

I will say a few general things, many of them that I have said before:
1) Trust your body. Your muscles and your skeleton structure are all the support you could ever need. Look at other animals. It is ridiculous to assume your body cannot handle gravity, that it needs external support.
2) Look at other cultures, especially poorer ones. They are free from many of our social lies. Many of them don’t wear bras. They’re fine.
3) Not wearing a bra doesn’t conflict with modesty. Some of modesty is definitely culture-dependent. You can still wear enough to be modest without providing support that prevents natural muscle function.


Number 4: Stay-At-Home Moms!

This one is a downright evil lie. How dare anyone or any society tell a mother that caring for her children isn’t valuable enough, ambitious enough, fulfilling enough!? I would gladly switch roles and spend all day teaching and taking care of as many children as I could be blessed to have. Why on earth would any women actively choose a job over her children? I don’t understand…

Oh wait, its a lie. Of course it doesn’t make sense. The only reason women believe it is because they are taught it from birth. In this society where money and fame are treasured more than children and family, of course women want to get high-paying professional jobs!

But that’s all bogus. Never let anyone look down on you for valuing your children more than extra money or a fancy job. This has nothing to do with whether you are qualified or could be the best in the field. This has to do with children. People. One child is infinitely more important than any fame or money or job. Sacrificing one hour with your children to work, and sending them to daycare, is obviously a loss for the mother. In some rare situations, the mother may also have to work, and this isn’t to insult her in any way.

But if you ever have a choice, why would you ever choose a job over being a stay-at-home mom? Even sacrificing money, and having to change and simplify your lifestyle. How could your children not be worth it?


Number 5: Clothes and Fashion and Shopping!

Here is my post on clothes, and here is my post on fashion. But I have yet to talk about shopping in particular.

It is an old, old cultural joke that women love to shop, and that men hate to shop. Come and burn me now, people of the world, because I am about to go against a lie so deep that you joke about it incessantly.

This joke about shopping is completely bogus. Men and women have just been socially trained to be obsessed with different styles of consumerism, that’s all.

Either obsessive shopping is an innate feminine love, or it is a social lie that has been propagated to females, and by females. But obsessive shopping as is common in many countries in the world is clearly distasteful. It devalues relationships and people by necessity, since it glorifies products and rapid consumption and insatiable desire for more. This cannot be an innately good thing in females.

The common reason men don’t like to shop may also be socially conditioned, and negative. Some men may dislike it for noble reasons, because they see the lie. But this doesn’t matter so much here.

What matters is that females stop believing that the obsessive window shopping, the compulsion to consume, and the love of spending are innately feminine. These things are lies that destroy inner peace.


So, whether you are male or female, tell me what you think. I may do a post on lies to males, but I’m pretty sure I’ve either blindly fallen into or blindly avoided them. I will need the help of females to identify them.

If you as a female are struggling against my suggestions, ask yourself why. Who are you trying to please by doing these? Who benefits, who pays the costs? Are the standards you are trying to meet arbitrary, do you want to support them? Changing your lifestyle will change the future. It will make it easier and easier for young girls to resist the lies of society if they have people to look up to.

Remember: anyone who thinks worse of you for rejecting any of these lies is not your friend! Friends value you for who you are, not for which social norms you follow.


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